Mythili Rao is a journalist and book critic who lives in New York.

She is currently a producer for The Takeaway at WNYC, where her work has included coverage of the Arab Spring, Fukushima disaster, 2012 presidential election, and Sandy recovery.  She’s also interviewed a real-life superhero named Terrifica, a 2-year-old polyhedron-loving math whiz, and the editor of Quitters Quarterly.  She has a soft spot for listener stories — about rejection, beauty, deathregret, nostalgia, you name it — and was honored to put together The Takeaway’s crowed-sourced inaugural poem.

She’s a contributing writer for The Daily Beast, where her book reviews appear in the magazine’s “Hot Reads” column.  Her reporting, essays and book reviews have also appeared in The New York Times Book Review, Boston Review, Publishers Weekly, The New York Observer, Words Without Borders, The Millions, The Nation and other publications.

Before joining WNYC, she worked on CNN’s New York assignment desk, where she reported and wrote wire copy for and covering everything from Bernie Madoff to Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). She also produced, shot, and edited original video pieces for and

She majored in English and Political & Social Thought at the University of Virginia and holds a Master’s in English & American Literature from New York University. Her first job in New York was on a Discovery Channel production about serial killers.



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