Introducing: ‘Today in Focus’ from The Guardian

TIFIn September, I moved to London and began working with a fantastic team of radio producers to create a new, daily, current affairs podcast for The Guardian. We launched this week! The show is called Today in Focus and it’s hosted by former political editor Anushka Asthana. Our first episode is all about Brazil’s Jair Bolsanaro; in our second episode, we travel to Racine, Wisconsin with reporter Gary Younge ahead of U.S. midterm elections.  Listen, subscribe, and enjoy (and send feedback!).


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  1. This is the only place i have found to leave a review of Today in Focus, not being much of an expert at review-leaving. However, i feel compelled to say i think this is a fantastic podcast. I have listened to subject matter i really had no previous interest in and found it enlightening. I enjoy your honest and unassuming interviewing style coupled with thoughtful questioning and genuine curiosity. I am informed and entertained, so thank you! Liza

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